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  • BAMA FILTER 2022 third quarter hydraulic filter delivery records


    BAMAFILTER 2022 third quarter hydraulic cartridge delivery recordsBAMA has delivered a total of 16 projects to retrofit steel mills in the third quarter of 2012.98 new customers from all over the world choose usThank you for the support and trust from new and old customersBAMA is with you! Read More
  • Hydraulic Filter Element: Keeping Your Equipment Running Smoothly


    In today's fast-paced world, efficiency and reliability are crucial for any industrial operation. Whether you are in manufacturing, construction, or mining, ensuring the smooth functioning of your equipment is essential for maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. One crucial component that Read More
  • Hydraulic filtration system


    The hydraulic filtration system is an important part of ensuring the stable operation of the hydraulic system, so maintaining the hydraulic filtration system is an important measure to ensure the long-term stable operation of the hydraulic system.First of all, regular filter replacement is the core Read More
  • BAMA Brand Sales North America-Hydraulic oil filter


    BAMA has once completed the order ahead of schedule and delivered it before the scheduled time.Thank you for the customer's trust in us, and thank you for the BAMA staff for completing the job ahead of schedule!Another great year in 2023 Read More
  • What is a hydraulic filter


    The filter is to filter out the pollutants in the water to purify the water, and the hydraulic filter is in the hydraulic system, which collects the pollutant particles in the fluid and is collectively referred to as the hydraulic filter. Next, let's take a look at the specific role of hydraulic fil Read More
  • Dedusting cartridges


    Structure :Pleated (star-folded) filter media made of cellulose mixed fleece and polyesterFilter media can be flame-retardant, oil- or water-repellent and/or antistaticStandard fastening systems, such as tie rod fastening (DIN cartridge), hooked flanges (3-hook flange/4-hook flange) and plug-in cart Read More
  • Function of hydraulic filter elements


    The heart of every hydraulic filter is the filter element installed in the filter housing. It does not matter whether the hydraulic filter elements are used in a stationary application such as hydraulic presses, plastic injection molding machines or in mobile applications such as in construction and Read More
  • BAMA FILTRATION hydraulic products All use HV fiberglass


    Glass Fiber Oil Filter Has The Features As Follow ● Resistance to high temperature, high pressure ● High strength, high filter rating, good dirt holding capacity, repeated washing ● Filter layers, ripple neat ● Easy to install ● Strong inner skeleton ● Segregated Depth Filtration ● High Dirt Holding Capac Read More

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