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Dedusting cartridges

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Structure :

Pleated (star-folded) filter media made of cellulose mixed fleece and polyester

Filter media can be flame-retardant, oil- or water-repellent and/or antistatic

Standard fastening systems, such as tie rod fastening (DIN cartridge), hooked flanges (3-hook flange/4-hook flange) and plug-in cartridges for fastening on the clean or raw gas side

Various designs such as cylindrical, oval and conical are available

Individual design of the filter cartridges (filter medium, filter surface, fold stabilization...) possible

special shapes :

FDE compliant filter elements

WAM filter elements: special mounts on the head of the filter

Bag filter replacement elements: pleated, long and thin dedusting cartridges / retrofit of bag filter systems

Advantage :

Large filter area in a small space

High dirt holding capacity (filter cake)

Pneumatic cleaning extends the service life

Easy assembly/disassembly reduces maintenance costs

Areas of application :

chemical industry, pharmacy, food industry, wood industry, plastics industry, building materials industry, metalworking, metalworking, , special cases: welding fume extraction, gas turbines, road construction machines, road sweepers

Dust classes :

ISO Coarse 55% to ISO Coarse 80% (EN 779:2012: M5 – F9)

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